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TOTAL project or how to become a trainer?

duminică, 30 octombrie 2016

Non formal education has got rising impact on young people all across Europe. European Union is supporting different forms of non-formal education, and includes it in its policies and structures. At the same time, this sector is not fully regulated, and formal approaches to professionalization of education and development of non-formal education staff are uncommon and limited. 

How to become a trainer? Who issues the certificates? What is the difference between junior and senior trainer? How to ensure quality of delivered trainer’s work? There are any questions and issues for a debate so that it why we have started with Training of Trainers and Active Leaders - the project which is complex and includes 3 mobility activities: TOTAL Basic, TOTAL Advance and TOTAL Lab. 

Training of Trainers and Active Leaders – TOTAL Basic was organised by TDM2000 Polska and took place from 12th to 19th of September 2016 in Krzyżowa, Poland and equipped 35 young leaders, youth workers and junior trainers coming from partner organisations from Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom and Italy with new experience and provided them with an opportunity to professional development and space to contribute to quality of youth work in Europe.  Victor Cozma and Constantin Boca represented SUPER TINERI organisation.

Main aims and objectives which were achieved during the Training are:
• to empower involved organisations to implement non-formal education activities in their local communities and on national and European level;
•  professional development of trainers and youth workers, starting from basic skills, through development of training modules, training strategies, to improvement of youth work and training.
•  to prepare participants for individual work as junior trainers and together with other trainers  within their organisation, and prepare follow up activities.

Participants of TOTAL Basic developed innovative training methods; used creative tools, available resources, and new skills necessary in youth work. They are in process of local follow up activities after the Training Course as a part of results’ dissemination. New generation of European trainers and TOTAL Pool of trainers has been created and established in order to plan future project ideas which will be developed and implemented locally and internationally with collaboration of all partner organisations.
The Project is funded by Polish National Agency within Erasmus+ Programme, organised by TDM2000 Polska.

Partner organisations of the project Training of Trainers and Active Leaders:

Centar za mejdunarodna mladejka deinost – IYAC – Bulgaria
ASHA Foundation – United Kingdom
Fingerprints – Malta
Network for European Citizenship and Identity – NECI – Cyprus
CET Platform – Croatia
Mlada Sered – Slovakia
Associação Recreativa e Cultural Universitária do Minho – Portugal
TDM 2000 – Italy
Urbano Opshtestvo – FYROM
Go Europe – Spain
VsI Inovaciju biuras – Lithuania
Asociatia SUPER TINERI (ASIRYS) – Romania
Development Initiatives for a Common Europe – DICE – Czech Republic
TDM 2000 Polska - Poland

Schimb de tineri în Grecia: The Green Way

luni, 24 octombrie 2016

În perioada 17-25 noiembrie, 6 tineri cu vârsta cuprinsă între 18-25 de ani, vor beneficia de o mobilitate în Grecia, în zona Ioannina. Toate costurile sunt suportate de Uniunea Europeană prin Programul Erasmus Plus. Mai multe detalii despre proiect, mai jos. 

What the project The Green Way is about?

Our organisation is concerned about the natural environment in general and its’ problems, trying to promote care for the natural environment among young people. As we are actively involved within “Let’s Do It!” worldwide environmental activities, we are well aware of the environmental problems the Earth is facing and we believe that there are easy ways how individuals can help to change the environmental situation. We want to carry out this project in order to promote the value of individual and local environmental activities, “green” lifestyle and new ideas for solutions of environmental problems.

What are the main aims of The Green Way project?

To promote care of the natural environment among many young individuals from EU countries;

To create and    popularize a web site which would mainly contain information about natural

Environment care, “green” lifestyle and small scale environmental project ideas for local communities and other environment promotional materials;

To empower for young people from EU (participants of the project) to exchange their ideas, culture, traditions and to motivate and support each other for environmental ideas;

To let young people of EU (participants of the project) to acquire skills that might be very useful in their professional and private lives after participating in this project.

How do we plan to reach the aims of project?

During the implementation of this project, we plan to discuss the environmental problem the Earth faces and the environmental attitudes in our daily lives that can improve the situation. We will learn about the ways to improve the environment around us and we will do activities that will promote a green way of living.

Who will take part in YOUth for RefuGeneration project?

In the implementation of the project will participate 30 young people, aged 16-30 (youth leaders can exceed the age of 30) from Greece, Romania, Latvia, Estonia and Croatia.

Planned activities of the implementation project

Planned activities after the implementation of the project

- Creation of a website for sharing the practical results of the project

- A social media campaign for sharing the website and project’s practical outcomes

- Photo exhibition

Preparation for the project

Steps for preparation:

- Formation of national teams –5 young participants (15-25 years old, in exceptional cases until 30

Years old) and 1 team leader (experienced in youth work and Erasmus+ projects, aged 25+)

- Participants should be informed about the background and aims of this project

- Getting to know information about the environmental    situation in their country

- Preparation of the activities of your national night (presentation of your country/culture,

National/cultural games, videos, dances, costumes, snacks – whatever    represents your country

And the place you come from the best in interactive ways)

- Prepare for your travel

Your travel to Kouklioi village

You can already start planning and booking your travel. You can choose between flying to Athens or Thessaloniki, our suggestion is to fly to Thessaloniki because you will save money & many hours on

The bus since Athens is very far. Your arrival in Kouklioi should be on 17th of November and departure from the venue on 25th of November.

If you chose to fly to THESSALONIKI, you then have to take the public bus 78 that goes to the Thessaloniki bus station (KTEL Makedonias). The bus departs every 30 minutes on the arrival floor right outside the airport. You should buy the 2 Euro ticket at the ticket machine inside the bus, therefore you need to have coins with you. The drive will take around 1 hour.

At the bus station, you should find a ticket counter that sells tickets to IOANNINA (another name of the city is GIANNENA) and ask for reserved tickets on name THOMAS TSIKOS. The t icket will cost around 32 Euros and the drive will take around 3 hours.

You should inform us in advance your preferred departure time from Thessaloniki, so that we can reserve tickets for you, otherwise there is a big chance you will have no seats on the bus. The possible departure times from Thessaloniki are: 8:00, 11:30, 14:00 and 15:45.

If you chose to fly to ATHENS, you then have to take the public bus X93 that goes to the intercity bus station of Athens (KTEL Athinon). The bus departs every 40 minutes outside the airport, on the arrival level between exits 4 and 5. You should buy a 6 Euros ticket at a ticket counter next to the bus stop. The drive will be slightly more than 1 hour.

At the bus station, you should find a ticket counter that sells tickets to IOANNINA (another name of the city is GIANNENA) and ask for a reserved tickets on name THOMAS TSIKOS. The tickets will cost 49 euros and the drive will take 7 hours.

You should inform us in advance your preferred departure time from Athens, so that we can reserve tickets for you, otherwise there is a big chance you will have no seats on the bus. The possible departure times from Athens are at 6:30, 8:30 and 11:00 (in the morning).

When you will arrive in Ioannina bus station, there will be a local volunteer to guide you to a bus that goes to Kouklioi village. There will be only one bus reserved for us and we will choose the departure time when we will know your travel details (especially, arrival time in Ioannina). You will need to wait for all participants to arrive and then depart together (latest around 8pm). As the bus will be reserved and prepaid by our organization, the ticket price will be split on all participants and then reduced from the travel cost reimbursement (its around 8-10 euros per person). The drive to Kouklioi village will take around 1 hour and our local volunteers will meet you at the bus stop and guide to the venue of the project.

Remember to plan also your departure the right way! The bus from Kouklioi will depart as early as you will need on 25th of November and the buses from Ioannina to Thessaloniki depart at 7:00, 11:30, 14:15, 16:00, 20:30, the buses from Ioannina to Athens will depart at 8:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:15 and 17:30.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: In case all groups will travel through Thessaloniki, we will be able to reserve a private bus from Thessaloniki airport (or city center for those who plan to arrive earlier) to Kouklioi. The bus would pick you up, have no stops/changes of bus, would be able to depart from Thessaloniki as late as 17:00 and depart from Kouklioi anytime needed by the ones that have the earliest flight and bus would cost slightly cheaper than public transportation.

AN EVEN MORE IMPOTANT NOTE: Before booking your flights, you must first get a confirmation of our organization that your arrival and departure times are right and possible to combine with the bus schedules in case of public transportation.

Covered travel costs

Travel costs up to a certain limit are covered by the Erasmus+ programme. The covered amount will be reimbursed to the participants after the project, when participants will send all the travel documents to our organization. The travel documents must include: your plane tickets + your plane boarding passes, Greek bus tickets and any train or bus tickets that you will use in your country, therefore we suggest you take good care of all your tickets and don’t lose them.

The travel reimbursements will be possible only if the most economic ways of travel were used (economy class, no taxi), only if the original tickets were send to our organization and if the participant attended the whole project from 17th to 25th of November and takes part in all activities during and after the implementation of the project.

The max amounts of reimbursement were defined by the Erasmus+ programme. Max amounts for each participant depends on their departure country:

Estonia: 270 Euros

Latvia: 170 Euros

Croatia: 80 Euros

Romania: 170 Euros

Things you should know about the venue of the project

Kouklioi is a very small mountain village in a rural area; apart from the beautiful nature and locals, there are very few local cafeterias and a mini market. There is free wifi in the village, which doesn’t work very well inside the accommodation place and is very slow in general. For a good wifi, you will have to visit the local cafeteria.

During the project, we expect the weather to be very cool, around 10-20 degrees. It might feel warm during sunny moments and very cool during rain and the nights so take warm clothes and umbrellas with you.

We will have activities and stay in a house, where we have hosted many youth projects. Participants will stay in mixed national groups by 5-6 people in each room which will have a private bathroom with a shower, single beds and a balcony. There will be all necessary but participants should bring their own toiletries (shampoos etc) and towels.

During the free time, participants will have a chance to play various table games we have in the house, sports games in the nearby sports fields, visit cafeterias and if the weather is very nice, we can organize a mountain hiking. Any games, musical instruments and free time activity suggestions will be very welcome!

Until 25th of October the latest, we expect the organisations to send us a list of their team members, including their names and surnames, food preferences (vegetarian, allergies, etc). We need this information to prepare logistic aspects of the project (their accommodation, and wellbeing) and for being sure that the groups are completed and the preparation process is going on.

If you face any problems ensuring a complete group of participants or there are any questions and/or problems with the preparation of the participants, please let us know as soon as possible so we can avoid/fix the problems.

In case you have any questions, contact our group via e-mail address -

Or phone number – 00306975200586.

A Facebook group for this project will be created very soon, we will invite all the organizations to join through e-mail and all participants should join the group too. It will be a quick way how to exchange information and to be in touch.

You can get information and read about experience of our organisation in our web site –, you are also welcome to visit and like our Facebook page:    .

Our team is very excited about this project, hoping to have a good time

And lots of fun! See you soon in Greece!!!

Online tools for organizations

joi, 20 octombrie 2016

One of the best outputs from  the Erasmus + training "Media Retreat" organized in Birmingham, UK, is a list with free media tools that we can use in order to improve our work in our organization. You can find the list bellow and we advice you to play a bit with them, for sure you'll discover something that fits you. 

Analytical tools – a website linking your social media profiles & giving you a social media impact score, with additional topics that you are leading on the web 2.0. - Buffer enables social media managers to schedule posts on social networks throughout the day and evening. It’s analytics tools will also evaluate your posts to deduce the best possible times to share your content.

Periscope: iTunes/GooglePlay - Periscope is a mobile app connected to Twitter that enables nonprofits to easily broadcast live from special events or while on location. - RiteTag allows you to track in real-time the performance of your campaign hashtags. Their dashboard shows you how many people are using your hashtag on Twitter and Instagram and enables you to track trending hashtags.

Graphic tools - Canva’s drag-and-drop features and professional layouts enable users to easily design stunning graphics and documents. - Pablo by Buffer enables social media managers to easily create inspirational quote and powerful stat images perfectly sized for social media. - Piktochart is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop infographic design tool that allows hi-res image and PDF exports. - Creatives Without Borders connects nonprofits in need of graphic and web design skills with creatives that are willing to do the work pro bono for a good cause and increased exposure. - Relay is a web-based graphic design tool for beginners that enables one-click redesign for multiple image sizes as well as scheduling to social media and analytics. – Issuu is an online platform for turning your pdf files into e-magazines, which pages that can be turned over. - Giphy GIF Maker enables users to easily create animated video GIFs and GIF slideshows with captions. - 100% free photos of high quality - PicMonkey is an easy-to-use photo editing platform that enables nonprofits to embed text upon photos, apply watermarks, and create photo collages through a simple drag-and-drop process.

Video tools - WeVideo is an easy-to-use, cloud-based video editing platform with an advanced suite of creative tools such as animation, color keying, voice over, and clip transformation.

Content tools - BrainyQuote is a directory of inspirational quotes which can be useful for web, email, and social media content. - When writing web and email content, allows you to quickly search for synonyms for words that you use too often. It’s an essential tool for web and email content writers.

Coding tools - Knowing basic HTML is a must-have skill for online marketers. Tools like WordPress (website and blog content) and MailChimp (email marketing) are much easier to work with if users understand the premise of HTML and can make simple edits to WordPress or MailChimp generated HTML code. - Once you know the basics of HTML, you can either write the code from scratch or use a HTML editor to easily generate HTML for tables, images, and formatted text.

Email marketing tools – Allows you to create and send newsletters for free. The easy drag & drop menu gives you all the possiblity to create catchy and visually attractive emails & schedule them.

Some more tools can be found here: 



Erasmus calls: Gypsy HeART & DancInclusion

duminică, 2 octombrie 2016

For 4 October deadline we prepared 2 applications: one training course - Gipsy HeART and one EVS project: DancInclusion. If you want to be our partners, please send us the information about your organisation to superyouthprojects @ Bellow, you can find a short description for both projects. 

Gypsy HeART

Gypsy HeART is a training course for youth workers from all over Europe, which aims to develop solidarity and promote tolerance towards minorities, particularly with Rroma. During the training, the youth workers will experience non-formal art methods as dance-theater, Cucuteni clay workshop, forum theater etc. and in the same time, they will work to create new methods which will be tested during a big cultural event dedicated to Rroma culture, organized by youth, in rural area. During 8 days of training, the participants will discover Rroma culture, will visit and work in Rroma villages and will experience the "gypsy lifestyle", all of these, with the purpose to learn how to promote the tolerance, the intercultural learning and the nonformal education. The participants will share and learn more about European citizenship and social integration through arts. The project will be organized at the end of June 2017, in different villages of Iaşi county. 


DancInclusion is a long term EVS (12 months) which aims to promote inclusion and develop volunteering activity through dance, in order to decrease the hate speech and discrimination rate among youth. The project will host one volunteer from Europe, with sense of initiative, passionate about dance and choreography, ready to learn Romanian and Rroma dances and share his/her passion in the community through dance lessons for Rroma and Romanian youth and children. DancInclusion will give to the volunteer the chance to experience creative ideas, to manage different type of teams, to work in a challenging environment and to make a positive change through dance. The volunteer will create, with the support of the organisation, a multicultural dance festival for the region.

The EVS volunteer will develop his/her skills through games, workshops, street arts activities, presentations, debates, brainstorming, socio-educational animation, public cafe, street animation, audio-video materials, public show, festivals etc. All the activities developed by the volunteer will aim to encourage young people to pursue and develop their artistic talents and in this way, to support their personal development and fight against discrimination. 

A video from one of our festivals (Folcloristica):

9 ani de ASIRYS

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