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Youth FotoVideoTek! Develop your photographic and film skills!

vineri, 31 mai 2013

The project "YOUTH FotoVideoTek" is a training course that will involve 6 partners, 3 from European Union and 3 from EU Neighborhoods Partners: Romania, Poland, Estonia, Armenia, Georgia and Moldova. The training will take place in Romania, between 16-25 June 2013, during 8 days and will involve 18 youth workers. 

The themes of FOTOVIDEOTEK are “art and culture” and „media” and the main objectives are to share and achieve knowledge and skills about photography and video in order to increase the visibility of youth workers projects, to achieve knowledge about other European cultures, to develop the creativity and entrepreneurship skills, to promote the socialization among young people regardless of language, color, ethnicity, to develop the team work and the communication skills in a foreign language, but also to achieve some general culture about European countries. The main result of the training will be that the youth workers will organize a photo-video exposition that will help them to learn to promote better the youth projects.


- between 18 - 30 years old, 
- capable of speaking, writing and understanding English; 
- very interested in the activities’ topics: photography and film making; 
- active volunteer/youth leader/youth worker/staff member of the sending body; 
- capable and willing to develop further projects.

We need 3 participants from each partner country: Estonia, Poland, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia. In this moment we need 2 Estonians and 3 Polish. 

It is mandatory*:
- To bring your DSRL camera (with all your technical equipment: cards, blitz, objectives) – we will shoot a lot and is super-important for your learning process! 
- To be active and share!
- To fill in the application form and send us your portfolio (of video or/and photo)! For the application please fill in the questionnaire available at: 


Youth FotoVideoTek is implemented with financial support from the European Commission and the Youth in Action Programme. Accommodation, food, as well as activities costs will be covered from the project budget. It is recommendable to get travel insurance but it will not be covered by the project budget.

Travel expenses will be covered in amount of 70% after collecting travel documents on condition that the participants use the cheapest ways of transportation and submitted original invoices for plane tickets, boarding passes, train and bus tickets. Taxi and first class tickets will not be reimbursed! 

It will be request from you a fee of 50 Euro to cover some activities costs. We will provide you accommodation and food in the best hotel in town, in 3*** hotel rooms

European Youth Week in Mugla!

miercuri, 29 mai 2013

The 30th of May will represent a special day for Mugla, when 30 volunteers from 21 different countries will celebrate the European Youth Week. The event will be represented by a one-day long festival, consisted of music, traditional dances, teamwork games and workshops, meant to create an intercultural environment. 

These actions offer an unique opportunity not only for promoting cultural diversity, non-formal education and volunteering, but also for increasing the awareness of the Turkish youth about the opportunities offered by the European Union’s Youth in Action Program. Moreover, through the unique combination of people with different cultural backgrounds and unconventional education methods, a bridge will be created between Turkey and Europe, opening new cooperation gates. 

The organization of this festival is supported by Gençlik Organizasyonları Merkezi (Youth Organizations Centre)in cooperation with the local authorities from Mugla. The team in charge with the design and implementation of the activities is composed of youngsters who are enrolled in the European Volunteering Service. The volunteers come from Romania, Ukraine, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Portugal, Greece and other European countries. For the promotion of the festival, the volunteers have ambitious plans: they intend the preparation of a colorful dynamic flash-mob in the most crowded places of the city. Their flash-mob is the first event of this type organized in Mugla. Tomorrow, the activities will start at 15.00 and will end at 21.00, the location will be the Freedom Square of Mugla and the program is:

15:00 Opening ceremony
15:15 Turkish songs + dance 
15:30 Circle and group games 
16:15 National dances + Turkish dance 
17:00 Competition games 
17:30 Talent show 
18:15 EVS Music group performance
18:45 EVS Folk dance group performance
19:15 DJ show 
19:45 Games (the most famous, dancing…)
20:15 Special EVS concert 
21:00 Closing ceremony 

However, Mugla is not the only city in Turkey celebrating the European Youth Week. In the major cities of the country film exhibitions, symposium and training sessions will be organized, in the attempt of promoting the values that are essential for the young people nowadays: diversity interculturalism, tolerance and pro-activism. The European Youth Week will conclude with a key event in Istanbul under the banner of „Creativity and Youth: Art, Sport and Entrepreneurship”.

Schimb de tineri în Estonia

miercuri, 22 mai 2013

În perioada 16-24 iunie 2013, suntem parteneri în proiectul "CONNECTING WITHOUT CONNECTION!“, desfăşurat în Kuressaare, Saaremaa, Estonia. Dacă ești interesat/ă, te rugăm să completezi chestionarul disponibil la: şi să ne trimiți un mesaj pe Căutăm 1 lider de grup şi 4 participanți! Liderul va trebui să participe în perioada 2-4 iunie la vizita de planificare în avans din Estonia. Mai multe detalii despre proiect, se găsesc mai jos. 

Dear friends, we are pleased to inform, that our project „Connecting without Connection!“ is supported bt the Estonian National Agency and we will be waiting and hosting you starting from 16th to 24th June, 2013.

Group leaders, we will be waiting you for the APV in 2th to 4th June, 2013. The venue for the meeting will be the same as for the project itself – Kuressaare, Saaremaa, Estonia.

In the included Infopack you will find the application form with brief information about you so please fill it and send it back to us. This information will help us to better prepare our project.

It is compulsory for all participants to have travel insurance covering the duration of your stay in Estonia, including the days of your arrival and departure. If you have any special needs (such as allergies, diets, etc.) let us know and concerning the Turkish group please inform us how many of you eat pork and drink alcohol. We need to arrange the food etc. in advance and it might be a problem to solve your special needs if you don't tell us about them until you arrive to the Estonia.

From 1st May 2013, you can start buying the train, plane or bus tickets to get to the venue of the project. Attention - we won´t be able refund any expenses made before this date! Your travel ticket must be also maximum two days before and two days after our project.

For the plane tickets we ask you to buy tickets to Riga Airport, Latvia. In Latvia our group will be waiting you and we will drive with a private bus to Kuressaare. Riga is near the border of Estonia and it will be more comfortable. For leaving, please do the same.
NB! Please make sure that you will be in Riga on the evening of 15th June. We will leave Riga in the night and then arrive to Kuressaare early morning of 16th June.

For APV, leaders, please buy your tickets to Tallinn Airport, Estonia. As the meeting is a very short one, Tallinn is a little bit closer and we will be able to start our meeting earlier. Please be in Tallinn in the day of 2nd June. We will be going together from Tallinn to Kuressaare.

We reimburse the travel cost ONLY up to the limit designated for your country (See table in the end of this infopack). The best way for cooperation is send us your travel plan before booking for our approval so please send us your choosing ticket before booking for final confirmation if it’s OK for reimbursement. We will reimburse only those tickets that will show the currency, dates of your travel, places you are travelling from/to and your name (or number of passengers). Keep all your tickets (also from your local buses and trains).

Please send us your participants list and travel details including copy of your booked flight ticket or bus/train ticket no later than 20th May 2013!


What is it about?
Acknowledging and discussing about the communication problems between people caused by the intensive online communication.
Reviving alternatives to online communication, practicing and experiencing those through different activities.

Lead people away from the internet environment; remind them the magic in immediate contact and face-to-face communication.  
• Bring people closer to each other 
• Get more information about the different communication customs of different cultures 
• Experience immediate communication between various environments 
• Offer alternatives to online communication 
• Become more open and courageous and through that building communication activity while being offline  
• Raising awareness about the problems caused by the intensive use of the internet 

The youth exchange will take place from 16th of June till 24th of June 2013, in Kuressaare, Saaremaa, Estonia. The project involves 8 days, not including the arrival and departure dates. There are 30 participants between the ages of 18 to 30 in the project and they are from 6 different countries: Estonia, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Turkey. 

In order to achieve the purpose of the project we use the following ways: active communication between each other and the locals; contact movement workshop; discussions, brainstorming, introducing different communication customs; discussions about the problems caused by internet; trips to nature;  co-operation with the local youngsters; co-operation with the local media.


The project will take place in the biggest island of Estonia – Saaremaa. It is a famous touristical place, especially for people from Finland, Russia, Germany, etc.  Kuressaare is a wanted place for its rich SPA-culture and SPA-hotels. The city is surrounded from on side with the see and offers a lovely architecture in its old-town. The most famous place in Kuressaare is definately the Kuressaare castle, which stands there from the medieval times.
You can find some more information on these following sites:

During the project we will also have a trip to the nature – Koigi bog. We will be there for one day, just experience a rare case of nature, that Estonia has to offer.

We will spend the nights in the school dormitory in rooms for  2 and 4 people. You can see some more info about the hostel here:
The contact details for the hostel can be found on the web-page.

The last night will be spent in another place way up north in Saaremaa Island. 


- There will be a common cultural night, where you can give us a taste of your country’s speciality, food, drinks, candys, etc. Please bring some additional material about your contry, flag or some other national symbols.
- The weather during end of June in Estonia is usually warm and sunny with about 18-24 degrees, but during the last years there has been also a good chance of rain, so please be prepared for both. In the summer there is also a great chance of thunder in Estonia. The nights will be the longest, almost the hole night sill be light. This is also the reason for our Midsummers festival. Please chechk the weather channel before starting packing for project.
- Most of the project will be held indoors, but there are planned some outdoor activities, which we would not like to cancel because of some warm rain. Please bring suitable clothes. We will have some sportly activities, please bring comfortable clothes and also shoes/slippers for indoor activities.
- Take your medicin with you. You can surely find your medicin here in Estonia, but it will be much easier if you take your own with you. 
- Don’t forget to change some Euros. Food and drinks three times a day are covered, but if you would like to have some snacks and additional drinks, you have the possibility.

Your InterActiveEst

Schimb de tineri în Isparta, Turcia

În perioada 10-17 iunie 2013, suntem parteneri în proiectul Esc Netlessfobia Live ur Teenage Utopia, în Turcia. Dacă ești interesat/ă, te rugăm să completezi chestionarul disponibil la: ne trimiți un mesaj pe Căutăm 6 participanți! Mai multe detalii despre proiect, se găsesc mai jos. 


Esc Netlessfobia Live ur Teenage Utopia Project will be held in Isparta with the participation of 28 young people from four different countries (Romania, Poland and Estonia)  between 10-17 June 2013. The Project is about social-media and communications and about increasing the awareness about Europe. 

The common language of the project will be English. 

Poland: Stowarzyszenie Universum
Romania: Asociatia Super Tineri ASIRYS
Estonia: MTÜ Noortevahetuse Arengu Ühing ESTYES
Turkey: r-socials 


- 7 Participants from each countries (1 leader and 6 participants from each country). 
- Presentations of your country and your organization 
- Traditional foods and drinks for cultural night. (Please consider you will not have a chance to cook something.) 


- between 18 - 25 years old (no age limit for leader) 
- capable of speaking, writing and understanding English at least at the minimum level 
- interested in the activities’ topics 
- active volunteer/youth leader/ youth worker/ staff member of the sending body 
- capable and willing to develop further projects 


- there is no participation fee 
- accommodation, local transportation and other activity costs are covered by the hosting; you can see pictures below of the accommodation place: 

- organization only during the project’s dates (10-17 June 2013) 
- if participants wish to come earlier or leave later they will have to take into consideration finding an accommodation on their own 
- there will be reimbursed 70% of the total travel costs and 100% of the visa costs (where needed) 
- the reimbursement will be done upon full attendance in the activity programme 
- 70% of the travel costs will be paid after the tickets and the boarding passes are submitted.
- in order to receive the reimbursement, the original tickets, boarding passes, bills, invoices, etc are needed 
- we do not pay in advance for returning ticket – try to plan your travel both ways 
- reimbursement will be done in EURO, regardless of the currency indicated on your invoices 
- there is no preparation cost


- the health insurance is fully the participant’s responsibility 
- the costs of the health insurance will not be covered 
*If you want to include the Health Insurance in your airplane tickets you have to cover it yourselves. 

*we will take you from Antalya  Airport.

You should search travel tickets this websites:
Turkish Airlines: 
Skyscanner :

TRAVEL LIMITS (per person):
Poland: Stowarzyszenie Universum - 430 euro
Romania: Asociatia Super Tineri  - 320 euro
Estonia: MTÜ Noortevahetuse Arengu Ühing ESTYES - 470 euro

* The tickets will be bought after 1st of May, before you buy the tickets you will send them to us in order to make confirmation
* The arrival date is on 10th of June, do not buy ticket after this date
* 17th of June is departure date, do not buy ticket before this date
* You may come 3 days before the project and leave 3 days after the project (you have to pay your expenses: accommodation, food & beverage for extra-days...)

If you have any problem or want to ask something please contact us:

Feel the Festival în Mugla!

sâmbătă, 18 mai 2013

În perioada 15-19 mai, România şi Turcia, împreună cu alte 19 ţări, vor colabora pentru organizarea Festivalului Anual de Tineret din Mugla. Pentru prima dată în istoria acestui festival, o echipă internaţională - formată din 39 de tineri, din 21 de ţări, va lucra intensiv pentru crearea unui eveniment unic, multicultural, bazat pe voluntariat şi educaţie non-formală, în cadrul unui proiect european numit „Feel de Festival”. 

Cea mai reprezentată ţară la festival este România, cu 7 voluntari, cu pregătire în muzică, istorie, economie, studii europene. Alte ţări prezente sunt: Spania, Albania, Serbia, Slovenia, Cehia, Italia, Germania, Danemarca, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Lituania, Portugalia, Ungaria, Georgia etc.  Evenimentul este organizat de  Gençlik Organizasyonları Merkezi (Youth Organizations Centre), cu suportul municipalităţii din Mugla.

De 5 ani coordonez acest eveniment, însă în acest an, am doborât propriul nostru record, aducând împreună atât de multe culturi la Festivalul de Tineret din Mugla" a declarat Ibrahim Dikici, directorul Youth Organizations Centre.

Tinerii din mediul internaţional implicaţi în proiectul „Feel de Festival” sunt beneficiari ai Programului Tineret în Acţiune, Acţiunea 2, Serviciul European de Voluntariat, program desfăşurat sub auspiciul Comisiei Europene. 30, dintre cei 39 de voluntari, vor realiza activităţi sociale, interculturale, nonformale în sprijinul comunităţii locale. 

Relaţia bună dintre România şi Turcia se reflectă nu doar în numărul mare de voluntari, ci şi în relaţiile interumane, care pe termen mediu şi lung vor intensifica cooperarea dintre cele 2 ţări, pe toate planurile: economic, cultural, social etc. Un exemplu în acest sens este reprezentat de Asociaţia SUPER TINERI – ASIRYS din România, care pe parcursul unui singur an, a reuşit să colaboreze cu organizaţii diferite din Turcia, pentru implementarea a 14 proiecte, prin care peste 60 de tineri români au avut oportunitatea de a călători gratuit, de a se dezvolta personal şi profesional într-un mediu internaţional. 

Asemănările dintre Turcia şi România mă surprind în mod plăcut! Ospitalitatea şi uşurinţa prin care reuşim să costruim relaţii de prietenie durabile şi parteneriate eficiente, mă determină să revin cu plăcere de fiecare dată în această ţară fascinantă” a declarat preşedintele Asociaţiei SUPER TINERI, Mihaela Diana Podariu. 

Programul Festivalul de Tineret din Mugla, se va desfăşura pe parcursul a 3 zile (17-19 mai 2013) şi va cuprinde: competiţii sportive, ateliere de meştesuguri, dansuri tradiţionale, jocuri de echipă şi alte evenimente, dedicate tinerilor în special. Contribuţia României constă în organizarea unor jocuri şi dansuri populare, a unor ateliere de fotografie, muzică şi gătit, evenimente ce au drept scop schimbul intercultural România – Turcia.  

9 ani de ASIRYS

În acest an sărbătorim 9 ani de activitate. Pe 26 februarie 2009, asociaţia noastră a obţinut certificatul de înregistrare fiscală, însă a...