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Youth Exchange CI PIACE

duminică, 7 octombrie 2018

“CI PIACE” is a 9 days mobility of young people - Youth exchange, organized by ASAP Europe in Fasano, Italy from 19th to 27th of October 2018 that involves 42 young people and youth leaders from Italy, Poland, Macedonia, Greece, Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria. The youth exchange will explore the concepts of citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular and active participation of young people in social, economic and political life. The project tackles the issues of declined trends of social, economic and political engagement of citizens on national and European level, low trust in democratic institutions and representatives, little or no interest and knowledge of citizen’s rights and obligations, partial understanding of work and role of EU institutions and decision-making process in the Union. That’s why the youth exchange will address and raise awareness about all of these issues and will educate, motivate and equip young people with competences to take active part in democratic life and decision-making processes on local, national and European level. The project will also provide and introduce tools on how to be more active citizen, will encourage and equip participants with knowledge and skills to run their own activities on these topics, will foster mutual understanding, solidarity, intercultural learning and dialogue and will promote international cooperation in the youth field.

The project aims to give participants the opportunity to better understand the concepts of citizenship education, European citizenship and active participation and to show them their role as young generation in building better Europe. 

 To provide knowledge and raise awareness about citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular by exploring the concepts, their dimensions and contemporary understandings; 
 To encourage active youth participation in socio-political democratic life on local, national and European level; 
 To introduce theoretically and practically the work and role of European Union institutions and decision-making processes within the EU; 
 To empower participants to design and run campaigns on various topics and in different contexts;  To promote intercultural learning, solidarity, mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue between young people from 8 European countries. 
 To encourage international cooperation and partnership building in the youth field working with citizenship education and active participation of young  people; 
 To promote Erasmus+ Programme as tool to work with young people as well as for reaching and enabling active participation of youth with fewer opportunities.

METHODOLOGY: The working methods used throughout the youth exchange will be various nonformal, experiential, peer and intercultural learning methods that will include: brainstorming, discussions, groups work, getting-to-know each other, ice-breakers and team building games, energizers, learning-by-doing activities, peer-to-peer work, lectures, debates, simulations, analysis and comparison, forum theatre and role playing, personal and group reflections, open-space activities, outdoor activities and presentations. The methods will be used in agreement with all participants and adapted if needed according to the needs and daily feedback of the group. Using non formal education methodology, providing knowledge, skills, and attitudes the youth exchange is specially designed to encourage participants to act as multiplier agents for the improvement of youth participation in society, to highlight the importance of intercultural learning in order to develop democratic societies.

Each partner organization will send 6 participants: 5 young people and 1 youth leader. - All the leaders, should be experienced in youth work and have leaded other exchange activities in the past. Leaders will help with the facilitation of the activities, so the role of the team leaders will be crucial for the success of the exchange; - The participants should be experienced or inexperienced young people, activists, volunteers or members of partner organisations that are motivated to exchange experience with other youngsters from Europe, get new or improve their knowledge, improve skills and attitudes on the topics of citizenship, youth participation and intercultural learning. - Young people should be in the age group of 18 to 30 (preferably 18 to 25 years old) while youth leaders must be over 18 years old’; All participants need to be ready, motivated and able to attend the full duration of the exchange as well as need to have good command of the English language. 

TRAVELLING TO FASANO: All participants are expected to arrive in BARI or BRINDISI Airports, and will be picked-up by the organisers from the train station of FASANO. 

 How to arrive from BARI airport to Fasano train station: s) + train from BARI train station to Fasano train station (4,20 euros) 
 How to arrive from BRINDISI airport to Fasano train station: BRINDISI train station to Fasano train station (4,20 euros) 
Once you will know about the timing of your flights please contact us in order to arrange together the best and cheapest way for you to come.

EXPECTED WEATHER: October marks the beginning of autumn in Puglia, summer is officially over and the weather slowly makes its way toward the cooler and wetter winter season. The weather in the region is nothing less than gorgeous this time of year, the coastline still can surprise us with very warm days. So be prepared when preparing your luggage(s)!

REIMBURSEMENT RULES: The Erasmus+ rules stipulate participants to travel using the cheapest means of transport, economy class, direct route without long stopovers. Although participants can plan their travel individually and arrive earlier/depart later, the organisers can only commit to reimburse and organise board and lodging during the mentioned project days. If you plan to travel outside the official project dates (19 – 27 October) you should contact us providing the reasons and buy ticket only if permission granted, otherwise you would not get reimbursed. PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANY TICKETS before consulting the price/route with the organisers (you can only buy tickets once your application has been accepted by ASAP);

VERY IMPORTANT: The reimbursement of travel costs will not be done during the youth exchange, but only when the second part of the project grant will be given to ASAP (this can take up to 5/6 months after the end of the project and depends on Italian National Agency).  
Please note that we receive only a percentage of the project grant, so that part will be fully used to pay your accommodation, food and working materials. You are taking part in a Youth Exchange and the contribution we receive is very little, so we kindly ask you for your understanding and to be prepared to wait for your travel costs.

Reimbursement wil be done only upon presentation of ALL original tickets, receipt/invoices and boarding passes (including return tickets). Documents provided must clearly state date of purchase, route and means of travel, name of the passenger, method of payment and price paid. Participants will be asked to send the originals of all return documents and boarding passes. The organisers will only reimburse travel costs from the partner country to Fasano, Italy up to the limits indicated in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide, based on actual expenditure - original tickets and receipts; please note that amounts below are MAXIMUM amounts, ASAP will reimburse the ACTUAL expenses up to the limits listed below:

If your tickets cost 100 euro, you will get 100 euro as reimbursement. If they exceed the travel grant per country, then participant should pay the difference. Participants are only allowed to travel to/from their partner countries (e.g. Romanian from Romania, Polish from Poland etc.); - Reimbursement will be done in EUR, regardless of the currency indicated on the ticket and receipt/invoice. Any tickets purchased in a local currency other than EUR, will then be converted and calculated according to the exchange rate of the month when the grant agreement for this project will be signed by the Italian NA, as stated in the official European Commission web-site at

Reimbursement will only be paid to participants who fully attend the duration of the Youth Exchange CI PIACE.

PARTICIPATION FEE: There is a participation fee of 20 euros to be paid in cash by each participant during the youth exchange. This is due to the very high prices of the accommodation and the very low economical support we receive for this kind of activity. Participation fee will be used for the extra products to the Italian traditional evening and for the extra bank costs for the travel reimbursement. 

INSURANCE: Health insurance is not provided and will not be reimbursed by the organisers. All participants are strongly advised to purchase private travel insurance. All EU residents should obtain the free European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) before the youth exchange. Please note that private health care in Italy is extremely costly. 

VENUE: The hotel in which we will be accommodated during the full duration of the exchange is the Park Hotel Sant’Elia - You will be accommodated in triple or quadruple single-sex rooms with en suite bathroom. The Hotel has free Wifi. Towels/bed linen will be provided Food: Three nice Italian meals will be served at the hotel restaurant plus two coffee breaks per day. 

YE: Is tourism the answer for a better future?

marți, 2 octombrie 2018

At the youth exchange "is tourism the answer for a better future?" youngsters from 5 different countries (Slovenia, Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania) will come together
to learn about tourism and the development of our regions from where we are coming from.

Europe still didn't recover from the world financial crisis. The youngsters are still afraid of their future, because the employers are searching for young people that are 23 years old but they should have 20 - 30 years of experience. We all know that this is not possible.

On the other side, young people still don't get the chance to prove themselves to the local community that they are strong enough to manage something new and big.

Tourism is one of the most fastest growing industries in the world. People will always travel, because time of traveling got shorter, traveling got more comfortable and even the whole traveling got cheap and almost everyone can afford it now.

We will explore and learn how can we developed tourism in our home towns where we are coming from. Through the youth exchange we will learn how to turn our ideas into
actions and how to work as a big group of people all together.
The aim is to explore the labour market of our countries and see how young people are living and what are they doing after they finish with education. We will get to know what is tourism, what kind of tourism do we know and we will work a lot as one big team. The aim of our project will be to create new ideas that should help us to improve our regions and places where we are coming from. Through non-formal education we will learn how to turn our ideas into actions. Because of the topic we will also have a one-day excursion to learn about tourism in Pomurje region as a good example.


IS TOURISM THE ANSWER FOR A BETTER FUTURE? project is implemented with the financial support of the European Union through Erasmus+ program. We will cover
from the project budget, the following costs:
- Food, accommodation and activities (100%);
- Transport costs will be reimbursed on a lump sum basis

IMPORTANT! We reimburse the transport money ONLY if the participant will ACTIVELY take part during the whole project. This is international project with non-formal education that is granted from European fund. Participants should be aware that they are not on holidays!

There will be participation fee of 15€ (the fee will be intended for the excursion trip)


- Traditional food & drinks, to present at the national and intercultural evening.
- Flag from your country
- Photo & video camera & computer (if you have)
- Medicine that you usually use
- Passport or ID card
- Invoices and travel tickets for reimbursement
- European health insurance card or travel insurance
- Please inform us about your special needs
- Warm and sport clothes
- Presentation of your country, your town & region(PP, Prezi, video…)


The youth exchange will take place in the Mansion Rakičan, which holds 54 beds arranged through the rooms of various sizes. All of the rooms are equipped with private bathroom with shower, internet and TV. 


Working methods are: energizers, teamwork, icebreakers games, interactive and creative workshops, open-air workshops, visits, local environment visits at a youth exchange, discussions, role plays, reflections, informal gatherings, excursion etc.

Good news: Sports Activator is approved!

marți, 25 septembrie 2018

In April we applied to Sport Small Collaborative Partnerships, an action of Erasmus+ programme, and we were informed by the Executive Agency that the project is approved! 

Sports Activator (SpAct) is a small collaborative partnerships project with 3 main activities, involving 8 non-profit private and public partners from Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Romania and Turkey. 

The aim of Sports Activator is to raise the awareness on the value of sport and physical activity in relation to the personal, social and professional development of individuals.

To achieve this aim, the projects has to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To build a transnational network in the field of sport by organizing one transnational seminar among 33 youth workers, facilitators, trainers, teachers, coaches, volunteers, staff involved in sports clubs from Europe, youth passionate about sports, from Romania, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria and Turkey, in order to create a toolbox with methods, instruments, good practices aiming to support the participation in sport and physical activity of youth;
  • To develop personally and professionally 20 voluntary leaders in sport, from 5 countries, by organizing one month of volunteering activity within an experiential sport center in Romania;
  • To implement a creative methodology for promoting sports, physical activity, nutrition and healthy lifestyle in Europe, by organizing 10 creative sport events in different 10 local communities, involving minimum 500 youth of Europe.

The sport activities will bring people together, reaching out to all, regardless of age or social origin, demonstrating that the practice of sport is a fundamental part of individuals’ socialization. Sports Activator will bring a contribution in the achievement of the Erasmus programme objective of promoting education in and through sport with special focus on skills development.

Schimbul de tineri: Let's stand up for tolerance

miercuri, 19 septembrie 2018


Project Let's stand up for tolerance will encourage young people to be more tolerant to other nationalities, races, ethnic minorities, migrants and other groups. We want to spread awareness that we all have equal human rights. We will learn about hate speech, its manifestation and effects. As the largest channel through which hate speech is spread we will also learn about media and internet. We will learn of critical reading of media content. 

During the project we will run the campaign to promote tolerance and combating hate speech. Youth exchange will be implemented between 28th of September and 6th of October 2018 in Murska Sobota, Slovenia and will bring together 36 youth and youth workers from Slovenia, Poland, Greece, Romania and Portugal. Project will also include youth with fewer opportunities.

Participants will gain wider range of competences. They will improve their knowledge of foreign languages, improve their intercultural cooperation, meet new friends from other countries, improve their connection to common Europe, improve their public speaking and teamwork, learn how to defend their opinion and many other competences.
Through the involvement of local media and the public we will also promote Erasmus + Youth in Action programe and encourage others to participate in the programe.

Working methods will be icebreakers, energizers, team/group
work, interactive and creative workshops, open space workshops, discussions, evaluation, role playing, informal gatherings etc.


36 participants from Slovenia, Portugal, Poland, Romania &
Greece. Slovenia has 8 participants, rest of the participating
countries has 7 places (6 participants 16 – 30 years old and 1
group leader at least 18 and no age limit).


❖ Traditional food & drinks, to present at the intercultural evening.
❖ Flag from your country
❖ Photo & video camera & computer (if you have)
❖ Medicine that you usually use
❖ Passport or ID card
❖ Invoices and travel tickets for reimbursement
❖ European health insurance card or travel insurance
❖ Please inform us about your special needs
❖ Warm and sport clothes
❖ Presentation of your country PP, Prezi, video...)


The youth exchange will take place in the Mansion Rakičan,
which holds 54 beds arranged through the rooms of various
sizes. All of the rooms are equipped with private bathroom with shower, internet and TV.


Invitaţie la Folcloristica, ediţia a IV-a

vineri, 7 septembrie 2018

Dragi prieteni, 

Avem plăcerea să vă invităm la ediţia a IV-a a Festivalului Folcloristica, ce va avea loc în acest an, la Tomeşti, jud. Iaşi, în perioada 15-16 septembrie 2018. Cu sprijinul partenerilor noştri: Asociaţia Youth Alma şi Primăria Tomeşti, vom organiza un festival folcloric altfel, integrând metode de educaţie non-formală, experienţe ale proiectelor Erasmus+ în care suntem implicaţi, vom scoate la rampă talentele locale şi vom descoperi patrimoniul cultural al satelor ieşene. 

Invitaţia se adresează

1.  Meşterilor, adică acelor persoane ce au un talent sau o pasiune în meşterit, de exemplu: împletit, gătit, ţesut, pielărie, pictat, gătit etc., dispuşi să împărtăşească cu participanţii la festival câteva dintre tainele pasiunilor lor.

2.  Artiştilor - persoane talentate în arte folclorice: dans, cântec, muzică, teatru, tradiţii de iarnă etc.

3. Şcolilor şi elevilor ce doresc să se implice în proiecte Erasmus+ şi să-şi prezinte talentele şi resursele. 

4. Primăriilor din judeţul Iaşi, ce doresc să-şi promoveze comunitatea, obiceiurile, datinile, tradiţiile, resursele locale, şi să câştige premiul de cel mai frumos şi tradiţional sat 2018-2019.   

5. Voluntarilor, celor care doresc să se implice în organizarea evenimentului. Avem nevoie de voluntari, în special pe partea foto-video, logistică şi facilitare.  

6. Organizaţiilor ce doresc să-şi prezinte activitatea, să împărtăşească bune-practici şi să dezvolte parteneriate în comunităţile implicate.

Participarea la eveniment este gratuită. Tema evenimentului este: inima satului. Locaţia evenimentului este Amfiteatrul de Vară Tomeşti, situat în spatele Sălii Sporturilor.

Pentru a vă înscrie, completaţi acest formular: www.formular.asirys
Dacă aveţi întrebări, scrieţi-ne un email pe adresa sau direct la eveniment: www.Festivalul.Folcloristica

Programul evenimentului este:

Sâmbătă - 15 septembrie 2018

12:00 – 16:00: Conferinţă: Erasmus în sat!
Proiecte Erasmus+ destinate mediului rural, exemple de bună practică: Muzeul Experienţial din Băiceni „Rroma HeArt”, identificarea nevoilor de dezvoltare a satelor şi organizaţiilor mici, planificare proiecte în parteneriat.

16:00: Deschidere Folcloristica Ediţia a IV-a

16:30 – 20:00:
Program artistic: artiştii din comunitatea locală şi din alte sate şi oraşe vor urca pe scenă!
Ateliere: şezătoare, prezentări de meşteşuguri desfăşurate de artizani, meşteri şi producători locali
Jocuri, concursuri şi activităţi nonformale: teatru labirint, cel mai brav flăcău, dansul cu mătura, ţară-ţară vrem ostaşi. Organizaţiile sunt invitate să propună propriile ateliere şi activităţi.
Târg de meşteri şi producători locali

22:00 – 00:00: Petrecere folclorică 

Duminică - 16 septembrie 2018

12:00 – 13:00: Înscrierea satelor pentru Parada Satelor 

13:00-14:00: Parada Satelor – convoi oficial cu delegaţii săteşti şi comunale, prezentând tradiţiile şi porturile populare specifice, pe principalele străzi din Tomeşti 

14:00 – 17:00: Prezentarea Satelor. Fiecare delegaţie va prezenta pe scenă inima satului/comunei din care provin, printr-un dans, un cântec şi un produs specifice comunei/satului reprezentat. Un juriu va decide în funcţie de câteva criterii bine definite (prezenţă scenică, autenticitate etc.), care este cel mai frumos sat 2018-2019. 

17:00: Anunţarea câştigătorilor, premiere, închidere eveniment. 

Primele 3 ediţii ale festvalului au fost câştigate de Ruginoasa. Premiile pentru comunitarea care va câştiga titlul de "cel mai frumos şi tradiţional sat" sunt:
- 5 locuri pentru 5 tineri din sat/comună (16-30 de ani), într-un schimb de experienţă în Slovenia.
- Asociaţia Super Tineri (ASIRYS) va organiza un proiect internaţional în comunitatea câştigătoare. 

Cazarea şi transportul nu sunt asigurate de organizatori. În cazul în care un grup doreşte să rămână peste noapte, dispunem de 20 de locuri de cazare la cort. Se va asigura cel puţin o gustare pentru toţi cei implicaţi direct în activităţi. De asemenea, toţi participanţii vor primi diplome de participare, iar profesorii, adeverinţe de voluntariat.

Implică-te, fii super tânăr!

marți, 28 august 2018

În perioada 1-2 septembrie 2018, suntem implicaţi în festivalul "Călătorie la 1900", organizat de Castelul Miclăuşeni, iar în perioada 15-16 septembrie 2018, ne ocupăm alături de Asociaţia Youth Alma şi Primăria Tomeşti, de organizarea ediţiei a IV-a a Festivalului Folcloristica. La ambele evenimente avem nevoie de voluntari, astfel că lansăm un apel deschis pentru tinerii cu vârsta 16+, interesaţi să acumuleze experienţe frumoase alături de o echipă creativă, prietenoasă, deschisă. După evenimente, pe 21 dintre voluntarii noştri, îi vom trimite în proiecte Erasmus+, în Slovenia şi Italia.

Pentru a te înscrie, tot ce trebuie să faci e să completezi acest formular, iar noi o să te contactăm.

Training “Systematic Approach to Youthwork” - 15-22 septembrie, Polonia

vineri, 24 august 2018

This call is open for our Romanian volunteers and partners.

About the project
  • Project “Systematic Approach to Youthwork” project consist of one activity – a seminar, which will be implemented in Krzyżowa, Poland, from 15th to 22nd of September 2018.
  • The project is developed by 8 partners from 7 countries (Poland, Croatia, Macedonia, Italy, Lithuania, Greece, Romania) and will gather 28 youthworkers, volunteers and local leaders.
  • The seminar will be run mainly using non-formal education methods, such as discussions, presentations, simulation, games, group work and meetings. Our main aim is to share good practices and learn ways of local cooperation between NGOs, local authorities, education institutions, and othe actors.
  •  The expected outcome of the project will be growth of cooperation of youth NGOs with other local actors, resulting in better quality local project and wider impact of implemented activities on target groups.

Our aims and objectives

The main aim of the project is to empower partner organisations to implement more efficient local activities in cooperation with other local actors. We want to achieve this objective by exchange of good practice, obtaining of new skills and competences by participants, and by establishing international cooperation between project partners.

The project objectives are to:
  • equip participants with basic knowledge and skills about functioning of youth NGOs in local context in various European countries
  • to learn and exchange good practices of running local activities
  • to learn about situation of young Europeans in their societies and local communitiesto foster inclusive attitudes of youthworkers 
  • to strenghten network of youth NGOs in Europe
We are looking for:
  • Youth workers, youth leaders and youth trainers working
    in/cooperating with the sending organisations;
  • Participants communicating efficiently in English;
  • Aged over 18, having strong motivation to participate fully in all activities of the seminar

The seminar will be held in a beautiful and relaxing rural area,Krzyzowa Village, which is situated around 60km far from Wrocław
in Lower Silesia region, Poland.

Participants will be accommodated in 1/2 and 1/3 bedrooms. Full board will be provided by the organisers.

Board and lodging
CET Platform Polska during the seminar will provide you with:
  •  Accomodation 
  •  Three meals per day (also for vegetarians, vegans, etc.)
  • Coffee breaks
  •  All needed working materials
The seminar will start with dinner on 15th and end with breakfast on 22nd.

Travel guide
CET Platform will organise a Shuttle Bus which will bring us together from the meeting point in Wrocław to the venue of the project, so in that case the best for you is to find a plane/bus/train
from your home city to Wrocław directly.
- Shuttle Bus Wroclaw – Krzyżowa
It will be organised around 5 pm, so please make sure to pick travel option which allows you to be in Wrocław before that time!
- Shuttle Bus Krzyżowa – Wrocław
On the way back the bus will leave around 09/9.30 am, so please book your connections from Wrocław after 12/1 pm.

Oportunităţi Erasmus+: Te trimitem în Europa!

joi, 23 august 2018

În ultimii 10 ani, am trimis aprox. 700 de tineri în peste 250 de proiecte internaţionale. Anul acesta, am participat deja la 5 mobilităţi în Cipru, Slovenia şi Finlanda, iar în perioada următoare, îi invităm pe voluntarii şi partenerii noştri, să beneficieze de alte oportunităţi de mobilitate:

1. Schimb de tineri - "4R – Recycle - Reuse- Reduce- Rethink", 18-26 August 2018, APV: 27-29 iulie 2018, Agros, Cipru, 9 participanţi (8 tineri + 1 lider)
Beneficiari: Ioana Ursache (lider), Victor Ionuţ Cozma, Constantin Cristinel Păiuş, Ştefana Vintilă, Mădălina Mujdei, Călin Doleanu, Andreea Cornelia Cazacu, Casian Isac, Andrei Tihan

2. Training “Systematic Approach to Youthwork” - 15-22 septembrie, Polonia, 3 participanţi
Beneficiari: Dragoş Andrei Preutescu, Corina Giurgia, Raluca Mariana Ciudin

3. Schimb de tineri "Let's Stand Up for Tolerance", 28 septembrie – 6 octombrie 2018, Murska Sobota, Slovenia, 7 participanţi (6 tineri + 1 lider)
Mihaela Lăbușcă, Cosmin Vătăvoiu, Sebastian-Nicolae    Ferenț, Mircea Sebastian Miron, Andrei Claudiu Blană, Ovidiu Marian Roșu, Clara Maria Plotzki

 4. Schimb de tineri "Is tourism the answer for a better future?" - 6-14 octombrie 2018, Murska Sobota, Slovenia, 8 participanţi (7 tineri + 1 lider)

5. Proiect strategic "Treasures for a Better Future"  - 14-20 octombrie 2018, Granada, Spania, 1 participant

6. Schimb de tineri CI PIACE - 19-27 octombrie 2018, Fasano, Italia, 6 participanţi (5 tineri + 1 lider)

7. Training Course EI-Positive - Applying Emotional Intelligence in Youth Work - Worcester, Anglia, 7-14 noiembrie 2018, 1 participant

8. Training Course: Behind the reality, Bisceglie, Italia, 1-9 decembrie 2019, 3 participanţi

Rroma HeArt - first two days

sâmbătă, 18 august 2018

Our organisation, SUPER TINERI (ASIRYS), hosted between 3-14 August 2018, "Rroma HeArt" youth exchange, involving 40 young people from 8 countries. During the 10 days mobility, we had also guests from Moldova and France, and we involved local partners and citizens from 5 villages and 2 cities.

In the first two days of the exchange,  40+ young people from Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and Romania, got to know each other’s, learnt about the Rroma culture of Târgu Frumos and of the countries involved, worked in national and international groups, experienced Improvisation Theater, made presentations and prepared the plan for the experiential museum of European Rroma. During the evenings, the participants presented their countries, we were impressed by the Turkish dervish dance which was the perfect intro of the coming days!  
We were happy to have with us 6 members of "Youth Alma" Association, one of our good partners from Iaşi. Alexandra, one of the coordinators, helped us to energize the group and later, together with Lică, facilitated the Labirinth Theatre workshop. 

One method we used to get to know the local community, but also to start train the participants to work in multicultural team, was the "treasure hunt" activity called "Discover Rroma HeArt Town". We gave 10 tasks and 2 hours of accomplish them:  

1.    Create your group Rroma song!
2.    Learn a Rroma dance from Rroma locals and prepare to perform it while singing your Gypsy song.
3.    Collect ideas for the Rroma museum we will work next days.
4.    Find 3 interesting stories about Rroma and represent it by an exhibition of 3 relevant photos you made.
5.    Learn 5 Rroma words.
6.    Find out the history of the Rroma in Târgu Frumos.
7.    Draw or make a collage promoting the Experiential Museum of Rroma, from Băiceni.
8.    Make 3 pictures of the most interesting houses of Rroma in Târgu Frumos.
9.    Make a list of 20 beautiful Rroma songs (with links from Youtube) and upload it on the facebook group. 
10.    Gather at least 10 Rroma people, all together, and do a interesting group picture with them. Then do a short video with everybody screaming „Erasmus+”. 

"This Youth Exchange was very different than everything that we have ever experienced (also for those who were at the sixth Erasmus+ mobility), because of the activities that we did. Not only that we learned new things about the topic, but we had the opportunity to experience them, to feel like we have a connection with the things that we learn. Because we talked about Rroma people, we had the chance to meet with them, to feel like them, to live like them, to understand their needs, their lifes, how they live nowadays, how people treat them, and so on. All of these things in a really creative way, and the result of our hard work was an experiental museum which added a lot more feeling at everything that we did because was something that happened because of our activity. "Rroma HeArt" was more than a project, was a way to identify with the people we were learning about, also to discover and rediscover ourselves, to extend our limits and value more everything that we have around us." (Ioana Ursache)

Rroma HeArt is a project funded by Erasmus+RO, with the support of European Union - EU. 

Tineri din 8 ţări vor crea primul muzeu experienţial al culturii rrome din Europa

marți, 31 iulie 2018

De vreo două luni muncim din greu să pregătim proiectul nostru "Rroma HeArt", un schimb de tineri finanţat prin programul Erasmus+, al Uniunii Europene. Proiectul va implica 40 de tineri din 8 ţări: Cipru, Grecia, Slovenia, Italia, Spania, Estonia, Turcia şi România, ce timp de 10 zile vor învăţa nonformal şi vor crea un muzeu experienţial al culturii rrome din Europa. 

De fiecare dată când povestim despre acest proiect, există o categorie care ne spune că e foarte faină ideea, că e uimitor faptul că nimeni nu s-a gândit să facă un astfel de proiect, dar există şi o altă categorie care ne ceartă! De ce ne axăm pe cultura rromă, când în cultura românească sunt atât de multe aspecte frumoase?  Şi începe o listă lungă de argumente, unele putând fi încadrate facil la "hate-speech", ce ar trebui să ne convingă că nu ar fi trebuit să iniţiem un astfel de proiect. 

Însă toate aceste dezbateri din jurul Rroma HeArt, cresc importanţa acestui proiect! Cultura rromă e subestimată, deşi peste 12 milioane de rromi trăiesc de câteva sute de ani în Europa. Elementele frumoase ale culturii rrome sunt umbrite de stereotipuri şi mesaje negative, iar soluţia nu e sigur, mai multă ură.

Rroma HeArt este un proiect cultural non-formal prin care 40 de tineri, din 8 ţări, îşi vor pune mintea la contribuţie pe parcursul a 10 zile şi vor crea un spaţiu necovenţional, unde oricine poate experimenta elemente ale culturii rrome prin muzică, dans, modă, bucătărie, tradiţii, credinţe, legende, meşteşuguri, fotografie, teatru, storytelling. Muzeul Nonformal Rrom va fi amenajat în satul Băiceni, comuna Cucuteni, de către tineri, ce vor folosi resurse materiale limitate, dar resurse creative nelimitate. O caravană, cu 40 de tineri, majoritar nerromi, vor explora trecutul, prezentul şi viitorul culturii rrome europene, livrând un spaţiu artistic, neconvenţional, menit să arate frumuseţea acestei culturi şi să sublinieze importanţa toleranţei şi deschiderii faţă de minorităţi. 

Dacă doriţi să vă implicaţi, tot ce trebuie să faceţi este să creaţi şi să ne trimiteţi un produs reprezentativ al culturii rrome, oricare ar fi acesta: o poveste, un obiect, o legendă, o carte, o fotografie, un cântec, o tradiţie, o listă de cuvinte, un colaj etc. O să-l integrăm în muzeul Rroma HeArt. Pentru mai multe detalii, contactaţi-ne pe

Cerere de ofertă: servicii de cazare şi masă

duminică, 8 iulie 2018

În perioada 3-14 august 2018, organizăm în Tîrgu Frumos şi comunele limitrofe, proiectul "Rroma HeArt", un proiect educaţional finanţat prin programul Erasmus+, cu sprijinul Uniunii Europene, la care vor participa 50 de tineri din 8 ţări. Căutăm furnizori pentru servicii de cazare şi masă:

A. 5 nopţi de cazare în Tîrgu Frumos pentru 37 de participanţi, cu sală disponibilă pentru activităţi;

- cazare 2 sau 3 persoane în cameră
- condiţii bune de cazare
- acces la o sală de conferinţă/pentru activităţi
- preţ

B. Servicii de catering/restaurant (prânz şi cină) pentru 50 de persoane - 9 zile; 

- capacitatea de a livra în anumite zile, prânzuri, uneori şi cine în satele limitrofe: Băiceni, Bălţaţi, Ruginoasa
- pregătirea unei cine festive de final, pentru participanţi 
- capacitatea de a livra mesele la orele stabilite
- meniul variat 
- capacitatea de a pregăti variante echivalente caloric pentru vegetarieni
- preţ 

Furnizorii interesaţi sunt rugaţi să ne trimită un email cu oferta lor, pe adresa:, până la data de 15 iulie 2018. 

6 months EVS: Building Bridges

vineri, 6 iulie 2018

If you want to invest in your personal development, to share your passions and artistic talents with other young people, if you want to learn about European projects and achieve important experience in organizing events, "Building Bridges" is the Erasmus+ project that will fulfill your expectations! 

SUPER TINERI (ASIRYS) Association, with 10 years experience and more than 250 international projects portofolio, is inviting 2 young volunteers (18-30 years old), from European Union countries, to be part of Building Bridges volunteering activity (6 months long term EVS). 

The volunteering activities will take place at the Tîrgu Frumos Volunteer Center, where you will be involved in the organization of cultural events and art projects dedicated to Iaşi county communities. All cost are covered by Erasmus+ programme.

We will offer you the chance to explore your artistic passions, come up with innovative solutions, being supported throughout your personal development process by a team of professionals and through non-formal education means!

Below you can find the project brief, feel free to write us if you have any question or suggestion.


  • between 18-30 y.o.
  • never participated in a long-term volunteering activity supported by Erasmus+
  • min. A2 level of English
  • pro-active position, ability to work independently
  • interest in arts, sports and/or youth projects


  • support for implementing his/her own projects
  • experiencing work in transnational arts projects with partners all around Europe
  • perfecting teamwork
  • strengthening communication competencies and soft skills
  • contributing to the development of an artistic village for youth
  • developing cultural entrepreneurial competencies
  • establishing new contacts
  • personal and professional growth


  • assisting in European projects (youth exchanges, trainings, study visits and meetings etc.)
  • managing activities together with staff members
  • working to develop the volunteers art campus in Cucuteni area
  • taking part in organising festivals and other local, national and international cultural events (dance classes, music workshops, handcrafts camps etc.)
  • creating and experiencing personal projects in dance, music, painting, architecture, design, photography, film-making, handcrafts etc.

Practical arrangements:

  • 6-month program starting by 1 September 2018
  • 35-hour work week
  • free accommodation 
  • food and pocket money (1000 lei - 220 euro/month)
  • reimbursement of travel expences (max. 220 euro)
  • free Romanian language course
  • health insurance by Cigna -
  • one volunteering training - on arrival, oranized by Romanian National Agency 
  • workshops and training facilitated by the hosting and partners organisations and institutions
  • 2 days off per week + 2 days off per month (can be accumulated in 24 days off in a year)
  • support of a coordinator and a mentor
  • YouthPass at the end of the volunteering project

How to apply? 

First step is to send us a CV and motivation letter, where you should describe what are your needs, personal arts projects ideas, expectations, contributions to the project, to Afterward, we will contact you for a Skype interview. 
Deadline: 8 July 2018. The volunteering mobility will start on 1 September 2018 and will end 28 February 2019.

To discover more about our organisation, click here.

Call for participants: Youth Exchange in Romania

sâmbătă, 30 iunie 2018

We are selecting participants (5 per country), from Slovenia to attend the youth exchange called "Rroma HeArt". The project will be organized between 3-14 August 2018, in Romania, Tîrgu Frumos and Iasi city but also in different villages of the region, experiencing the lifestyle of a Rroma Caravan. 

The project will give you the taste of the most beautiful aspects of Rroma culture: music, dance, cuisine, beliefs, magic, crafts, traditions, cultural heritage, fashion, promoting the freedom of spirit, the creativity, the joy of life and the unity. If you are an artist or a person who loves arts (18 to 30 years old) and you are interested to share and learn about Rroma culture, this youth exchange is for you!

To apply, please fill in the form: FORM

Rroma HeArt is a youth exchange between 40 young people, from 8 countries, which aims to develop solidarity and promote tolerance towards minorities, particularly with Rroma. During the exchange, the youth will experience non-formal art methods as dance-theater, clay workshop, forum theater etc. and in the same time, they will work to create a big cultural event dedicated to Rroma culture. Two of the outputs of this event will be the design of a creative Rroma village and an European mini-museum of Rroma culture, which will underline the beauty of the Rroma culture all over Europe. During 10 days of exchange, the participants will discover Rroma culture, will visit and work in Rroma villages and will experience the "nomad lifestyle", all of these, with the purpose to develop themselves and to learn how to promote the tolerance, the intercultural learning and the nonformal education. 

Objectives of the project:
  1. Increase the level of tolerance among 40 youth regarding the Rroma minority by non-formal methods and tools;
  2. Promote the culture of Rroma in Europe by creating a dream Rroma village, a non-formal museum of Rroma and a multicultural event;
  3. Include Rroma by involving 16 Rroma participants in the youth exchange.

Rroma HeArt is implemented with the financial support of the European Union through Erasmus+ program. We will cover from the project budget, the following costs:
- Food, accommodation and activities (100%);
- Transport costs will be reimbursed on a lump sum basis:

  • up to 275 euro for Estonian, Turkish, Italian, Slovenian, Cypriot, Greek partners,
  • up to 360 euro for Spanish partner. 

There is no participation fee to attend this youth exchange. Also our NA doesn’t agree with the fees paid by the participants to the sending organisations.

9 ani de ASIRYS

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