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marți, 21 iulie 2015


Dear participants,
In this pages you’ll find some information about the Youth Exchange, some practicalities about the logistics and also a reminder about things to prepare before your departure.
We are sure you already know most of it, but we think it can be useful to refresh some details! 


All the groups are expected to arrive at Oviedo on July 27th and leave the project on the 5th August (from early in the morning, if needed for travel arrangements).
According to your arrival time, we’re arranging things to pick you up at Oviedo bus station or airport.
Note! If you haven’t informed our organization about your exact arrival and departure time, it’s extremely important that you send all your travel details at sau as soon as possible and anyway before Wednesday 22nd (by 13.00).
Please, if your flight/bus is delayed or you have any issue during your journey, text us at Youropía contact number. +34 638 478466 (Whatsapp is also available on this number).
Meals will be provided by our organization, in the hostel, from the lunch on the 27th ‘till the lunch on the 5th of August.

Germany, Italy, Poland, Rumania, Russia and, of course, Spain.
Each team will be a group of 5 people: 4 participants and 1 group leader.

During the exchange all the participants will be covered by a civil liability and accident insurance.
Apart from that, it’ll be personal responsibility of either the participants or the sending organization to take out a travel insurance too.

If you have got a European Health Insurance Card, don’t forget to bring it with you!

We’ll stay at “Albergue de Priorio” (Priorio Youth Hostel), surrounded by a beautiful nature environment, but at only 10km from Oviedo, the capital city of our region.
Participants will stay in mixed national rooms of (aprox.) 6-8 people.

IMPORTANT: There are no bed sheets included, but there are pillows and blankets. It’s up to you to bring either your sleeping bag or just bed linen and the pillow case (taking also into consideration the maximum weight and size of your luggage)

IMPORTANT: during the exchange there will be NO Internet connection in the hostel.
You’ll find some pictures and some further information about the venue here: (this short information is only available in Spanish).

Having a look at the forecast for next week, it seems that it is going to be a bit cloudy, but not so rainy. Our advice is that you bring SUMMER CLOTHES but also SOMETHING WARM for nights (temperature between 15 and 27ºC approximately, but they can drop at night), and also a RAIN COAT, just in case.rd, don’t forget to bring it with you!

Before packing, you can also consult:
However, what you need to know is the weather in our region is quite similar to England or Scotland and we can have sun, fog, rain and wind on the same day …


Don’t forget to collect and keep all your travel documents!
For each national team, group leaders will be responsible for collecting all the information available as well as all the travel tickets, receipts and invoices and facilitating them to the organization.
Only once we get all the travel documents (including original tickets and boarding passes for your way back), we’ll arrange the reimbursement by bank transfer. Please, take into account that this process can take quite some weeks.

No fee will be required to participate in the Exchange.

During the Youth Exchange the costs for board and lodging as well as all the activities will be covered by the project. However, you might want to bring some extra money for any unexpected event or just for your personal expense. Thus, it’s important to note that the currency in Spain is Euro, but also that Oviedo is not a very touristic site and there are not many places where to change currency (mainly banks, but only in the mornings and for many foreign currencies is not even possible to change them on the spot). On the other hand, if you have a debit/credit card you can easily withdraw money from one of the many cash machine in the city (check out your bank account conditions to get further information about fees and limits for operating with your card abroad).


Each group has been asked to prepare:

One or two energizers to kick off the morning (for one or two days): it’s some quick activities/games just to “warm up”. They shouldn’t be longer than 10 mins.

One presentation game/team building. (longer than the energizer): it’s for the first morning and we’d like each national group to have the possibility to carry out one exercise/game. The objectives of the game should be getting to know each other (getting to know something about our lives, places, hobbies, etc.) and/or start to work as a group. Since it’s 6 countries involved and each of them will have a game, this exercise should last between 20 and max 30 mins.

Traditional dinner and traditional soiree: not to get stressed with too many things on the same day, for any country the “national night” will be one day and their traditional night on another one. (To make it clear: it’s NOT like one intercultural night with all the countries presenting on the same day.)
Traditional dinner: there will be the possibility to cook in a well-equipped kitchen. Anyway it’s better to think about quite simple things. There’s also the possibility to ask us to buy some ingredients, but take into account that it might be difficult to find very specific food and/or spices. Alcohol: since the Exchange is for over 18, it’ll be possible at times to drink some alcohol but we really don’t want young people to abuse and overdo it! Make it clear with your participants –just in case!

Traditional night: It can be a moment to share something more about your country/region in a creative and entertaining way (you can put also some short video, but try not to use long powerpoints, for example), but it can also be a combination of funny games and activities (not necessarily related to your country/region). It should last 60-90 mins maximum.

Note: For all the energizers/exercises/activities mentioned above, references and links to the Great War are not necessary, but could be interesting. However it is important to avoid any national role or any identification with the “goodies” or the “baddies”.

For some sessions: we’d like to ask you to find some pictures about what was typical or even “fashionable” to wear 100 years ago in your country: in different regions, cities, urban areas… and also in different social classes.

...and some texts (passages from a book, poetries, etc.) from that period, which can be related to the World War I and/or the social situation of that time.


You will also need: SWIMSUIT, SWIMMING CAP (for the pool), SUN CREAM, TOWEL (for the swimming pool and the beach), CONFORTABLE CLOTHES for sport activities AND SPORT SHOES for walking in the surroundings and other activities (Some trekking shoes could be useful; however you won’t need super technical mountain boots). IMPORTANT: If you take any medication, remember to note down the name of the active principle (molecule) and the dosage.

…But above all, don’t forget to bring A LOT OF POSITIVE ENERGY AND ENTHUSIASM!!!!

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