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Testimonial about ARTCOM

joi, 31 iulie 2014

ARTCOM was a project which surprised me, a project that was not only about the music, body arts, theater and graphics but also an exchange of experiences between nations.
In these two weeks in which I attended the activities and tasks that they prepared for us I felt great; the other participants in this project were well behaved, we got along well, we were a united group and this fact led in a good performance at the end of the project.

We hope that by Romanian evening in which we prepared some traditional food, dance and drinks we have brought for Romania and for Romanian people also a good image in front of the three nations (Italy, Greece and Portugal).
I want to say that everyone who have participated in this project had a lot to learn and it was an experience that was worth it.

Last, but not least, I want to congratulate all those who organized and everyone who participated in this project.

Written by Mohammad Nariman-Rizgar

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