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Young European TroubleShooters Project

miercuri, 20 noiembrie 2013

Young European Troubleshooters Project is the newest project of us and will take place between 12-08-2013 - 31-08-2014. SUPER TINERI ASIRYS Association is the organizer and our partners are:

- Liceul Tehnologic Special Trinitas Tîrgu-Frumos Iaşi,
- Young City Designers, Turkey,
- Young Journalists from Eskişehir, Turkey,
- Citizens of Europe, Berlin, Germany,
- Europa Neuer Ideen, Koln, Germany.

The project was developed during a training course of the Romanian National Agency, hosted in Bucharest. Since January we create the Facebook page of the project:

YET project will have the following stages:

Preparation stage: November-April 2013 

- Informing the local community, the target group (online, offline) – press-release, articles posted to online platforms – Facebook, blog etc.
- Recruiting of the team (youth passionate about photography, photo-journalism or youth democracy) - and organize meetings with them (including a introduction training about photography)
-  Participating to a local meeting of the municipality/ make a short research about the structure of municipality, activities, tasks etc. 
- Doing 3 photo-reports about 3 different subjects relevant for the community - suggestion: organize an event in each community involving the photo-journalism
- Do a report about the active participation of youth and about their involvement on local, national and European level. 
- Preparing the first number of the newspaper Young European Troubleshooters. 

Youth Exchange: Beginning of April 2013 

- Organizing an youth exchange with 3 participants from each organization in Tîrgu Frumos, Iaşi, Paşcani.
- Launching the first number of the newspaper Young European Troubleshooters

Evaluation, dissemination:

- Post all media results on the online platforms of all the partners
- Printing and sharing at European level at least 3 numbers of the newspaper – involving youth from around the world. 

Regarding the Youth Exchange Programme, it will consist in 5 working days (without travelling days). The draft of the exchange is bellow and can be improved: 

Breakfast: 8.30-9.30

Sessions: 10.00 – 13.00 (20 minute Coffee break)
Lunch: 13.00 – 15.00 
Sessions: 15.00-19.00 (20 minutes coffee break) 
Dinner: 19.00- 21.00

First day:

Know each other: Short introduction (organizing team, partners, logistic, rules, expectation, contribution), Photo-position 
Introduction: how you do a good picture
Presenting each other – photo-portraits, description/creative biography
Feedback to the portraits
Photo-reports: concrete example 
Creativity:  Out of the box 
Team building:  bring a story – do pictures in community, speak with people, create an impact message
Learn to edit the pictures! 
Presentations of the photo-reports 
Night event: Know your passion game!

Second day:

Public institution in my community! – Theater (the situation in my country) – SWOT Analysis – propose a solution 
Presentation of the reports on the each country situation 
Choosing the most important problems of the youth in each country
Successful Photo-reports in Germany, Turkey and Romania
Optional night: Light painting and shooting stars 

Third day:

Team projects: photo-report on one problem!
Presentation of different action instruments that we have for taking action (petition, meeting with the local decision makers, sending a postcard – photo-voice method, protest, public debate) / other proposal from each country – Create a photo report about your actions
Take action! Solve something!
Intercultural night

Forth day
Presentation of the results - conference and visit to the municipality
What is participatory democracy?
How we can solve the problems? – create new projects for Erasmus + (follow-up)

Fifth day

Visit the Cuza house from Iasi and the Palace of Culture 
Seminar with youth in Iasi – exhibition of the photo-reports in a central place
Youth Pass 

12-month EVS Program at CITIZENS of EUROPE Office in Berlin

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